Chennai MTC gives confusing route information on official website

Wrong information being put out on the official Metropolitan Transport Corporation of Chennai MTC website, on the routes that it operates. The website itself is unfriendly, and the design is years old.

While MTC operates several ‘small bus’ routes, it has wrongly prefixed regular routes with S in the database, while not giving information on Small Bus routes. For example, the regular route 7E is prefixed as S07E from Broadway to Ambattur Estate. S26 has been listed as if it is a small bus, when in fact it is route 26, from Broadway to Iyyappanthangal.

Such wrong information given over Internet confuses the public, especially someone visiting Chennai from outside. It reflects complete lack of application of mind by the administration at MTC, which needs to be shaken up for a more consumer-focused attitude to services.

MTC even invested in a facility like GPS to reflect actual bus operations but have failed to provide such real time information for a few years now. It removed the bus information boards from those stops where they functioned earlier, such as Omandurar Estate on Anna Salai, near the MLAs hostel, and the converted superspeciality hospital housed in the former Secretariat.


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