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Old fashioned journalist who knows that when the establishment is comfortable with you, your journalism is over.


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  1. Excellent blog. I have been visiting my hometown regularly for the last year plus and have been appalled at how the City treats its pedestrians. I have been toying with the idea of starting an activist site until I saw the Hindu article by on pedestrians in Chennai (still can’t get used to this name) and the reference to MIDS and Karen Coelho. I also came across your blog. Like you, In my imaginary world I would like to get a few of the top politicians running this City and State and make them cross a few busy streets or make them walk down mostly non existent sidewalks. I bet the problem would be addressed.

    Next I would lock them into a flat next to a canal and leave the windows open at night and let the mosquitoes become their best friend. The list is endless…

  2. You have raised very valid points, suburban rail neglect etc. I was in Chennai recently and took the local from Fort to Guindy. Most of the name boards on the platforms were plastered over with pamphlets. And even this simple task of upkeep is neglected.

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