Is Chennai MTC bus design deliberately hostile to us?

This MTC bus body violates the National Bus Code AIS 052

A TATA model that has been crudely rigged with a body designed worse than the buses of the 1970s

This new MTC bus in Chennai from T Nagar depot is a design horror. I rode in it Saturday from Chennai Central, route 11 cut service. I was shocked to find the front left seats placed in such a fashion that one has to squeeze between the engine and the seat to sit; a crude black box is placed under the seat (partly seen in photo) – something of a storage container, I imagine. The alternative is to vault over the narrow space. MTC is brazenly violating the National Bus Code standard AIS 052 and is getting no flak for it. It was equally arrogant in the case of mini buses too. Also, it seems to matter little that MTC is a member of UITP, the international association of Public Transport which is campaigning for better quality transport. Who designed this monstrosity at MTC, which has used taxpayers’ money in a way that hurts them, literally?


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One response to “Is Chennai MTC bus design deliberately hostile to us?

  1. I think utilization factor is the only design parameter here. Try and squeeze as many people as possible. Aesthetics and safety points probably don’t matter.

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