Bangalore on world transit map with “Namma Metro”

The Namma Metro system in Bangalore (Bengaluru) was opened by Union Urban Development Minister Kamal Nath on Thursday, October 20. It brings modern transport to the bustling city and earns it a place in the Metro cities of the world. Importantly, it provides a cushion against petrol price hikes. The bigger challenge will be to form an integrated transport arrangement in Bangalore, as in other Indian cities.

The BMRC has a card offering that it says works on both buses and Namma Metro. Details are here

Here are some media reports on the opening of the new system, starting with a TV clip

The Hindu has a slideshow on the Metro after the inaugural run and this report on South India’s first Metro. This report in The Hindu further makes the point that the Metro stations are disabled-friendly.  The fare structure for the Metro is provided in a graphic on this page.

This report in the Business-Standard provides a fairly good overview, and highlights the Wi-Fi enabled status of the Namma Metro.

Minister Kamal Nath’s announcement that a Rs.6,000 cr Centrally-funded airport line will be taken up by BMRC is reported by the Times of india.

This Financial Times Blog by Neil Munshi refers to the IBM Commuter Pain index and asks whether the Bangalore Metro really represents progress or is a white elephant, having missed many deadlines. (Is that kind of sentiment inspired by the car lobby? How would you describe clogged roads built at great cost, fleecing all tax-payers?)

AFP reported the Bengaluru Namma Metro inauguration too.


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