Chennai MRTS, suburban train time-table 2011 published by The Hindu

The time-tables of the Chennai Beach-Velachery MRTS trains and the suburban railway system connecting Beach with Tambaram, have been published here. This article shot up to the "most read" status on the Chennai section of The Hindu website. What this shows is that the travelling public wants such time-tables made easily available, downloadable and ubiquitous. Also, the steady increase in petrol price has driven demand for train-based mobility.

The travel inflation witnessed in India demands that suburban train services be increased in frequency in all sectors, and feeder transport connecting stations, walkability to such dense passenger facilities improved.

We need MRTS services every ten minutes. During peak hours, there can be 12 car rakes all through, and in lean hours, nine car rakes every 20 minutes, and a three car rake in-between. In the case of suburban trains, the frequency must go up from one train every ten minutes to one every five minutes. This will happen only if we petition the Southern Railway authorities.

Send your demand to the Southern Railway an email demanding increase in MRTS services.

The Tamil Nadu Government is a partner in the MRTS and upcoming urban rail systems. Demand that the State government persuade the Centre to augment the services on both MRTS and suburban systems. The State Transport Secretary has the following email address: transec

Use the Right to Information Act, 2005 to seek information about the operation of MRTS, Suburban rail services, including station infrastructure, maintenance, ticket sales and so on.

The Director for Public Grievances in the Ministry of Railways can be reached at this email address. Send in your email with a demand for augmented services

The Southern Railway hosts the Chengalpattu-Tirumalpur-Chengalpattu train schedule here.

The Chennai Beach/Central – Tiruttani schedule is here.

Tiruttani – Chennai Beach/Central schedule is here

Chennai Beach / Central – Sulurpet schedule is here and the schedule for the reverse direction is here.

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