Mono Rail for Chennai : What happens to Metro?

The Governor’s Address in Tamil Nadu today has announced a major change in the way Chennai will be approaching the question of mass mobility. Governor Barnala’s speech laying out the priorities of the new AIADMK government says it will be a mono rail for the city.

The announcement says: Government will implement the Mono Rail Project in Chennai to integrate with the existing transport system.
In the first phase, 111 kilometres will be covered under this project and eventually it will cover 300 kilometres in a phased manner.
Investigations will also be undertaken for introducing mono rail system in other corporations like Coimbatore, Madurai and Trichy to decongest the traffic.

What this means for the Rs.14,400 crore Japan-funded Metro project pursued by the DMK Government, work on which is underway, remains unclear. In 2006, the government led by Ms. Jayalalithaa had made an announcement on the Mono Rail for Chennai. Read that here.

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  1. Dear Author,

    All these are political stuffs. A new government which comes to power every time announces new schemes for public as if they are so concerned about them. But when you dig deep into it, you will find a clear picture that every new government need to have a new scheme to talk about during the next election campaign. Example AIADMK wouldn’t like to highlight the completion of additional lines to existing ongoing metro work which was started by DMK. It will be a prestigious issue for both the parties to talk about works related to each other’s. No one can change this attitude followed by the political parties especially in TN as we seen this continues once in every five years! Its so sad to notice that public money goes to waste by such attitude! Recent example is newly built State Secretariat! Its highly condemnable and ridiculous!!

    Sathish Kumar. A

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