Is it a bus, is it a plane? Superbus to be unveiled at Dubai show

In what is a world away from the dreary and noisy world of buses as we know them in India, the global public transport confederation UITP is showcasing a completely new model of superbus at the Dubai expo and conference in April.

This bus seems revolutionary because it has only seating room, is 1.7 metres tall, 15 m long and 2.5 m wide. Aerospace and Formula 1 technologies together with solar charging have gone into its design. The image on the UITP website makes it seem like a bird on wheels, and fast it is supposed to be at 250 kmph. That speed is possible because it is planned to run on dedicated pathways with a concrete surface. It may be a long while before Indians can hope to have such fancy transit, but it makes for good discussion about what we have today.

The website of the Delft University of Technology giving the Superbus background is here.


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