Grudging thanks to UPA, DMK style

This set of pictures should make it clear just how thankful the Metropolitan Transport Corporation is to Manmohan Singh’s UPA, although the DMK is a constituent of the alliance. The bus design for Bangalore prominently displays the JNNURM logo, at the centre. It is useful to remember that Karnataka is not a member of the UPA and is in fact ruled by political opponents of the Congress and DMK!

This image from shows a BMTC Bangalore bus, with the JNNURM logo at centre.

By contrast, the Tamil Nadu Government, an ally, has pushed the JNNURM logo to the very end of the bus. The short-term idea would be that it would not be readily noticed. The medium-term plan would seem to be that this part of the bus suffers frequent damage in Indian traffic conditions…Soon, the paintwork will be gone, and with it, the logo! That’s the “kazhagam” style of saying ‘thanks’.

The JNNURM logo on one of the "deluxe" MTC buses is at the right tail end.


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