Can our top political leaders cross a Chennai road?

Reading about the death of a 70 year old woman who was trying to cross Anna Salai at dawn, that is the question that strikes us. Can any of our top political leaders cross a major Chennai road at any time of day?

The answer is a clear no. This uncivilised city that is soaked in Tamil pride is the most hostile to people on foot.

The story of a 70 year-old-woman first being knocked down by a biker on Anna Salai, and then, as she attempted to get up and walk to the side, being fatally hit by an MTC bus is representative of the barbarism that our leaders are perpetrating on citizens.

Such is the concern of the MTC for accident victims that the 56 year old bus driver apparently ran away, perhaps to cry over the shoulder of his supportive Union comrades.

We are sure that MTC will oppose any compensation that a Motor Vehicles Tribunal will order after many years to the kin of this old woman, who worked as a maid.

The report on the incident in the Times of India is here.

Our bureaucrats in the DMK Government, in the Chennai Corporation and our VIP-obsessed men in uniform should hang their heads in shame, but that is a trait that is generally absent in Dravidianland (or for that matter, in Aryanland up North, and equally, under AIADMK rule). We are not partisan. We believe in good politics and efficient administration. We also believe in Unions and labour rights. But with incidents like this one, we just feel disgusted that India’s automotive revolution is now an uncontrollable monster.


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