DMK Government and bus fares

Transport Minister K.N.Nehru has been speaking about the DMK Government being concerned about the inflationary impact of higher bus fares (report in The Hindu here). This is a case of shedding crocodile tears for the Chennai commuter, who is already at the receiving end of the DMK regime’s backdoor increase of fares under the guise of deluxe, Express, M series and Volvo buses with no substantial increase in operating efficiency, service levels or ticketing reform.

Mr. Nehru has apparently not done much reading of late. The country’s first fully planned bus system in the city of Indore has deluxe buses that are operating on a much more scientific system than available at the MTC. They are also a lot cheaper.

There is greater transparency on the part of the Indore Bus Company, and a far more modern system. For the benefit of those who are making us feel guilty about paying Rs. 7 to Rs. 15 in so-called non-airconditioned deluxe MTC buses, we would like to reproduce here, the fares advertised by the Indore service provider on its website:

(Accounting for minor deviations) ICTSL has finalized following fare structure:

Upto 3 K.M. fare Rs. 3.00
Upto 7 K.M. fare Rs. 5.00
Upto 10 K.M. fare Rs. 7.00
Upto 13 K.M. fare Rs. 10.00
Upto 16 K.M. fare Rs. 12.00

Source: Citybus Indore

 At least now, Mr. Nehru and his party must stop telling the Chennai travelling public that it is doing it a favour. He should instead be flushing out the MTC of those corrupt elements who are responsible for the corporation running grimy, rickety, run-down, overloaded and dirty buses at unconscionably higher fares. We can only emphasise the need for the Manmohan Singh government to refuse any more concessions to the MTC, which has been notorious for continuing with its opaque ways.

See in this video, the quality of bus travel a few days after the 10 per cent petrol price hike in Chennai, reflecting the interest of the DMK Government in improving the service.

We would also like to reproduce here, the features of the Indore bus as provided on the Citybus Indore website:

The Bus
New Gen interiors
Feature 27/44 seats 2×2 theatre type seating Anti skid vinyl floor, Stop switches on stanchions Sleek strap handles on grab rails
Remarks All seats are front facing High wear resistance, fully washable and lasts 50% longer
Hi-comfort Seats
Feature seats of single piece plastic shell in polyethylene, Recyclable plastic used in seats, Integrated grab handle on seat, All rounded corners, Ample leg space, Wide glass windows
Remarks Durable & Damage resistant, Environmental friendly, Provides grab support for seated and standee passengers
Fast & Easy entry/exit
Feature 1200mm Wide doors, Low floor 650 mm from ground – two step entry Guiding grab rails on doors
Remarks Permits three people to board/alight the bus at the same time, Easy, fast and convenient entry/exit, into/out the bus. Almost half to two third the floor height of conventional buses
Feature Two Roof hatches CFL lighting, Pre coated aluminum panels, Aesthetic FRP front face
Remarks White light is relaxing to the eyes, Smooth finish and better looks



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