Business Standard gets BRT stance right

We welcome the editorial in Business Standard on the BRT system under implementation in Delhi. It provides the correct and sound analysis on the strong fundamentals of the public transport initiative, and advocates a culture change for car-loving citizens among Delhiites. The picture tells the story about what the situation in New Delhi is today.

Waiting for the modal shift to happen in India's national - and car - capital.

Business Standard says in its editorial “Get BRT right“,

“Since Indian cities are exploding with poor people coming in from the countryside to earn more, an efficient public transport system has to come first. Those better off will want and should be free to own a car, but what is not practical is for most people to drive a car to work every day. Very few do so in Mumbai, London or New York. Delhi’s middle class should learn to think differently, and the BRT has to be made to work properly. ”

The message to the middle class is particularly relevant and is universally applicable in Indian cities. We support this view wholeheartedly and commend it to Chennaiites. We also recommend this video of the Transmilenio BRT system in Bogota, Colombia.

 Transportation expert and sustainability (SUSTRAN) campaigner Paul Barter (whom the editor of this blog met in Kuala Lumpur several years ago in the company of researcher Dr. Yeoh Seng Guan) has this very relevant post on the Delhi BRT.


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