Mad roads of Chennai

This is not the kind of scene that will appear extraordinary to jaded Indians who battle mad traffic everyday. But the indifference of the average middle class Indian may have to change soon, considering the rising tide of vehicles that clog our roads.

In this short clip at the Jawahar Vidyalaya junction in Ashok Nagar, you can spot the dangers that pedestrians and cyclists face, as they try to use road space. These classes of road users are supposed to derive support from the National Urban Transport Policy. But like so much else in India, the policy has so far remained on paper, with the Chennai Corporation and the other government agencies actively discriminating against walking and non-motorised traffic. Footpaths are being stripped out to provide space for more vehicles, and where they are available, are fully encroached or dirty.

The most interesting part of this clip is the role of the policeman, who is enjoying the shade of the tree and letting the traffic find its own level!


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