Traveller Info: Shamshabad airport connectivity to Hyderabad

As a public service, I am providing the preliminary connectivity information put out by GMR, for the new airport in Shamshabad, serving Hyderabad. The airport, which was opened by UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi on March 14, 2008 was operationslised on Saturday night. (Read the report on the inaugural by Ms. Gandhi published in The Hindu here).

Download the connectivity related information here in PDF – 2 MB

The Shamshabad airport serving Hyderabad on first day of commercial operations

View a full photo gallery of the airport here.

Provision of this information does not mean this blog supports limitless expansion of civil aviation. It is well recognised that aviation is one of the fastest growing sources of carbon emissions, and the boom in the populous countries, coupled with globalisation represents a big danger to the atmosphere.

Our policy is that aviation cannot be a low-cost activity and where flying can be avoided, people should do just that. 

The objective in presenting the connectivity and telephonic information functions for the new Hyderabad airport here is to press for efficient, comfortable and affordable public transport linkages to Shamshabad. That would reduce the number of private cars moving to the airport. We are presented with a fait accompli in the form of expansion of civil aviation in India. The least we can do is to price it sensibly, to reduce unnecessary flying, and to improve information and public transport to airports.


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