There are some changes to suburban train timings due to track work at Basin Bridge. The details of the changes were reported by The Hindu and they are here.

Commuters using trains to city from Gummidipoondi were understandably agitated that their services were detained for a long time to make way for long distance trains. They protested and were hauled up for that, as The Hindu reports here. We demand that the solution to their problem lies in forming a separate alignment that avoids sharing the infrastructure of the Southern Railway long distance services on the approach to Chennai Central.

For a prosperous Railway ministry, this small project should not be difficult to achieve. It is also more sensible than the previous attempts at creating a Central – Egmore train link, when all that the administration has to do is provide a subway from Central to Park Station with modern facilities to transport baggage.

As a member of a forward-looking and modernising railway system, it is time for Southern Railway and Minister Lalu Prasad to think out of the box on these problems that have persisted and grown over the years.